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About Us
CVS Borescope(Ningbo)Co., Ltd was established in 2004. As a high-tech cooperation, mainly engages in R&D, manufacture and sale of video borescope. Products including video borescope, articulation borescope, computer borescope and fiber borescope.

Research and development: We believe, technology and innovation are the major drivers for new economy development, innovation and they will create values for our customers and market that we serve. CVS is focused on providing customers the most innovative, excellent design, quality, reliable technology product to meet the market needs and its increasing demand from customers.
The group's design team is based in Ningbo and Hong Kong. Our research and development engineers have been very responsive to different market needs. we promises we can turn a design to mass production product in one month. We have developed a wide range borescope with extraordinary quality and different price ranges.. We focus on our core competences and technology development, optimize product cost, stress on product creativity, safety standards, innovative features, and continuously renew our products to meet market needs.

Quality control: quality management standard and continuous quality product improvement has been our major corporate strategies. We introduce the ERP system to our management system.
Our quality standards are built on ISO9001 standard to optimize for high performance and quality standards . This has made our product development, manufacturing, market promotion, logistics and customer services process to be so responsive and effective to meet the ever changing market needs.
One of the most important attributes of our success is the company focused on improve product quality standard. We have developed a stringent quality control system under the highly experienced management team. With our quality engineers together with our technology specialists to ensure the raw material selection, component inspection to manufacturing process are compliant to AQL international inspection standard.

Green and safe factory: We believe a green and safe factory is very important. We focus on the production waste separate and recycle. We use the green material to ensure our borescope is safe to use and environment friendly. We consider the safe issue is one of most important responsibility to the management team. We set up fire control tool box in each production room. We annually organize the fire control training.